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Sun Lounger

Solar lounger with soft and sinuous forms that suggests an aura of warmth and comfort.

A narrative object with a pronounced aesthetic connotation as well as functionality, capable of embellishing any outdoor space, whether it be a garden, a terrace, a poolside, a spa, a resort, or thermal baths. Its silhouette evokes the image of a body embraced by the delicate hug of an airtight casing, the organic and enveloping shape suggests a sensual figure being seduced by the warm rays of the sun.

The seat, made of polyethylene with a matte finish, not only lends an elegant and contemporary appearance but also ensures durable resistance to external weather conditions, guaranteeing its beauty and functionality over time. This lounger thus becomes a focal point that captures attention, inviting relaxation and the pleasure of basking in the sun and the surrounding environment. Its presence conveys a sense of well-being and invites indulgence in moments of tranquillity and pleasure, in a perfect blend of comfort and sophisticated design. In this context, the solar lounger becomes not only a piece of furniture but also an object capable of creating a unique sensory and visual experience for anyone who indulges in it.

DIMENSIONS: L 177 cm x D 65 cm x H 82 cm, 19 kg

MATERIALS: Polyethylene

FINISHES: non-slip surface

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