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Arts & Foods Exhibition

The intricate relationship between the arts and food will be retraced and analysed in the Arts & Foods pavilion, the only thematic area of Expo Milan 2015 to be held in the city.
Arts & Foods will focus on all those visual, sculptural, object-based and environmental forms that, ever since 1851, the year of the first Expo in London, have revolved around the world of food, nutrition, and dining together.
​The exhibition will provide a worldwide overview of the interaction between aesthetics and design in the rituals of eating, as an international event that will use different media to take visitors through time, from the historic to the contemporary, and through forms of expression, creativity and communication in all cultural areas. Design development and construction supervision of the exhibition design conceived by Italo Rota.



Arts & Foods Exhibition


Triennale di Milano - EXPO 2015




Milan, Italy @ Triennale di Milano for EXPO 2015


Art Direction: Italo Rota
Curatorship: Germano Celant
Graphic Design: Irma Boom Office
Photo: Attilio Maranzano

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