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This is QUASIDESIGN Studio. We are people who share the goal of revealing beauty through the narrative power of the poetic image contained in our creations.

Founded by Alessandro Rigamonti and Marco Fabris, QDS specializes in a wide range of project scales.

QDS works in different fields and through different methods, from architecture to exhibitions design, residential and commercial interiors, with particular interest in product design. The focus is always on the context and the process that best suits the narration of that particular story, each project is characterized by a consistent and specifically researched language.


Interior Design

QDS has over ten years of expertise in creating sophisticated and refined interiors. Whether it is a private residence, store, or hospitality venue, our storytelling approach returns iconic, recognizable results and resolutely livable interiors. Our goal is to understand the nature of the project, and to translate its story into form.


Product design is a special passion for us. Our creations reflect our narrative approach and are never predictable. Each object tells a story, and carries with it different meanings and interpretations, synthesized by us, but changing and arising from the personal idendity of the user.


We push our design beyond physical space into the digital world: generative AI design, metaverse, immersive virtual reality. We use these tools to optimize our ability to respond to our clients' needs. And of course because we enjoy doing it.


We offer design and finalization services for furniture elements, including for production purposes. Our clients also include Profumerie Pinalli, Freshly Cosmetics, VeraLab, Dimore Studio, Nicola Gallizia Design, Nussli, Molteni&C, Cartier, Omega, Audemars Piguet.


Thanks to our partnership with Doppiozero39, a leading Italian contract furniture company, we are able to provide clients with a service that starts from concept to final realization of any interior design project.

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