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Pinalli Flagship Store @ Milano B.Aires signs the first Pinalli flagship store, which covers an area of over 250 square metres and is located in Milan in Corso Buenos Aires in a historic 20th century building. The interiors have been designed to narrate and enhance the fundamental principles of Pinalli, offering a more dynamic, genuine and distinctive image, while preserving the consolidated values of competence and innovation.

The store is conceived as a unique and engaging experiential path: customers will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the brand, to live its values and to experience its products or services in a context that goes beyond mere physical or functional characteristics. Through a carefully studied atmosphere, attractive design and the use of innovative technologies, the flagship store aims to capture the attention of visitors, create an emotional bond with the brand and stimulate their curiosity and exploration. The creative use of light and colour is one of the design principles of the concept: each experiential and display area is identified by the shades of the new Pinalli brand identity. Customers are accompanied on their shopping path through the strategic use of colour, which plays a fundamental role: from the green of sustainable products to the yellow of perfumes, the pink of make-up and the turquoise of skin care.

At the heart of the store is the "Gallery Beauty Hub", a succession of illuminated arches covered with iridescent surfaces where the references of emerging brands will be displayed, an innovative project that allows Pinalli's micro-brand partners visibility in an important showcase such as Milan Buenos Aires.

Customer involvement reaches its peak through areas of experience and interactivity, such as the selfie area with the projection of coloured shadows, the dynamic 'promowall' realised through programmable and interactive 'LEDwalls', and above all the 'Plinko Pinalli', a colourful and fun prize game that makes the retail experience engaging as well as profitable.



Pinalli Flagship Store @ Milano B.Aires






Milano, Buenos Aires


Photo | Video: © SRVP

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