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Design, Architecture and Everything
in Between.

QDS studio is an active spectator of the social, relational and emotional values that influence the design process, and translates them into forms with a strong narrative character.
We approaches the subject of design in a way that is genre-oriented rather than style-oriented. Genre is crucial because therein lies the nature of the artwork and the higher, more complex theme of narrative.


Milano Design Week 2024, Sweep2 armcharir, Dionea quasichair, Demetra sun lounger

Milan Design Week 2024!

We are pleased to announce that QDS will be participating with three exciting new seats
@ Isola Design Gallery

Experience the products in the metaverse by freely downloading our immersive 'eidetic dream' virtual gallery on your device.

Here we are! The first Pinalli Flagship Store signed by QDS opens in Milan Buenos Aires!

Entrance lobby of the Deustche Finance Group offices in Munich

In balance between transparency and reliability

Interior design of the Munich headquarters of Deutsche Finance Group offices.

Virtual Home competition, Metacave awarded! 

Results of the first Virtual Home competition announced: we are among the winners! Our project Metacave, receives an honorable mention, a great achievement for our first official exploration of the metaverse!

metaverse house in front of the sea
The kitchen of a luxury apartment in Paris

Luxury apartment in Paris

Behind Notre Dame in a historic building, the interior design of a luxury apartment in the Quai D'Orléans district.

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