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Comfortable and capable of accommodating the body in various situations, limited only by the imagination of its user: sitting upright, lying down, curled up like in a nest, with crossed legs, in meditation, reading a book, or in company, sipping a glass of wine. A prismatic base with three mirrored faces supports, almost magically, a unique geometry reminiscent of children's toys, offering a visually and tactilely unique experience.
The geometry of the hexagonal kaleidoscope allows for rapid transformation, with the possibility of covering the four faces of its six tetrahedra with as many finishes: from eco-friendly fur to faux leather, through velvets or elaborate patchworks, thus allowing limitless customization. Just as with the infinite seating possibilities, the limit is not predetermined, leaving room for creativity for a personalised experience.
All these possibilities, combined with its generous size, make it much more than just a simple seat: it's almost a game for adults as well as children, serving not only its function as a soft seat but also the function of sensory and playful experience: a seat in which to relax but also to play, experiment, and create memories, turning every moment into a unique opportunity for well-being and enjoyment.


Size: L 132 cm x D 115 cm x H 67 cm
Weight: 55 kg







Milan, Italy


Author: Alessandro Rigamonti
Photo: Simone Rigamonti @SRVP
Renderings: QUASIDESIGN studio

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