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Eidetic Dream - virtual gallery

The realm of dream, as aspiration, is where the soul feeds on the freedom enabling a positive gaze towards the future. A soul with a free perspective is confident and naturally caring towards values of social and environmental sustainability.

The investigation of a sustainable future should therefore begin with ourselves even before considering the material aspect; it's essential to understand that the condition of sustainability is fundamental and prioritised for one's own self, only then does the purpose become True. It follows that sustainability must be primarily social, understood as a collective of individuals with sustainable selves, before being material.
This inner search, driven not only by the individual's will but also by contextual conditions, which are capable of triggering positive reactions within the self: among these, the most important are Truth, Love, and Beauty.

Beauty cannot be found solely in the object itself, but rather arises from the perfect harmony between function, the object's nature, and its poetic content; a harmony capable of simultaneously satisfying the body and the mind of the user.
A purely functional object, no matter how ingeniously designed, often proves useful solely on a material level, and only as a consequence of its use or possession (even temporarily); without possession, its utility tends towards zero until it completely nullifies.
In art, on the other hand, poetic content is the subject: the artwork itself in its physicality (including digital) is merely the vehicle to convey the message, and its function can be fully fulfilled even through contemplation alone.

The poetic dimension of dreaming is an inclusive and democratic dimension because by nature, it belongs to everyone, and just as in art, a design with strong poetic content allows one to enjoy it even without possession or use, managing to persist in memory even after mere contemplation: it remains imprinted, stimulates images, creates memories, and nourishes the soul.
Similarly to art, a narrative design rich in poetic content has the capacity to evoke the dimension of dreams through pareidolia, it nurtures aspirations and, through the Beauty of its poetic content, encourages inner exploration toward Truth and thus pure Love: design as a tool to free the soul towards the future.



Eidetic Dream - virtual gallery







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