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A circular-shaped piano moving in three-dimensional space along two intersecting curves creates a continuous geometry capable of fulfilling all the functions required from the common components of an armchair: backrest, armrests, seat, and base. It is a distinctive object not only for its functionality but also for its intriguing form, which can evoke various images in the minds of observers: for some, it might resemble a maritime knot laid out on a flat surface, while for others, it might recall the likeness of a figure curled up in on itself. No interpretation is more authentic than the other; the truth of these evocations lies in the individual experiences of the observer.
The structure of this armchair is crafted with a core of curved metal, ensuring solidity and support, upholstered with soft padding varying in textures. The upholstery can be in lycra, offering a velvety sensation to the touch, or in wool, providing a soft and enveloping comfort experience. Every detail of this armchair has been meticulously designed to offer not only functionality but also an engaging sensory and visual experience.


Size: L 95 cm x D 108 cm x H 96 cm
Weight: 37 kg







Milan, Italy


Author: Alessandro Rigamonti
Photo: Simone Rigamonti @SRVP
Renderings: QUASIDESIGN studio

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